Friday, February 6, 2009

William Barton and Will Play Didgeridoo

LA Outback was thrilled to be visited by William Barton last month when he was in Los Angeles performing with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra at UCLA's Royce Hall.

William Barton has been honored with the title as one of Australia's finest didgeridoo players of traditional style, and the preeminent didgeridoo player in the classical world. Our good friend Will Thoren arranged for us to meet William here at the house and we're totally appreciative of his efforts to bring us together.

Visit for exceptional didgeridoos here in the US

Lapse In Didgeridoo Blog Entries

Dear Didgeridoo Enthusiasts,

So there has been a large gap in blog entries, 4 months to be exact. So much happened the later part of 2008 that it was difficult for me to keep up with maintaining the didgeridoo blog posts. Well back at it and will be scouring the web for didgeridoo related news and events.

Thanks for staying tuned and keep on didjin'