Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New LA Outback Didgeridoo Blog Location

Hello world! We've moved!

For those who haven't checked out our new location for our didgeridoo blog be sure to jump on over and have a look. The address for the new LA Outback Didgeridoo Blog is and you can now keep up with the latest updates from us there. We decided to host our own blog in Wordpress as it gives us much more control over the look and feel of our posts, plus great tools on the backend.

We've already posted some pretty cool articles including news on our didgeridoo lessons on Skype, an interview with Alex Suarez on didgeridoo and sleep apnea, LA Outback's 15 year anniversary in the didgeridoo community, and much more.

Hope you enjoy the new didgeridoo posts at LA Outback's blog and feel free to leave comments on articles you find interesting. We enjoy getting your feedback.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tracy Chapman, New Beginning (Paris, December 10, 1998)

Wow! Tracy Chapman playing a Cindi Numina-painted didgeridoo from one of our very first shipments of Australian didges back in 1998. Never saw this video until today and didn't know Tracy had it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Barry Martin Plays Didgeridoo on Upcoming Alphanaut Album

Mark Alan of LA Outback just finished recording his debut full length album titled "Out of Orbit". Barry Martin came in to play didgeridoo on one song titled "AL 424-15" and this video is of the recording session done in fall 2009.

Find out more about Mark's project at
Follow him on Youtobe at

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Will Thoren Yeti Didgeridoos

Will Thoren is featured on a didjeridu using his very own technique of playing on instruments he's named Yeti Didgeridoos. The Yeti didj was conceived and researched for over a year by Will, meticulously crafting each instrument so the fundamental drone can be paired with a lower drone in the same key by loosening your lips while playing.

Will demos his key of G Yeti didjeridu in LA Outback's Tiki Hut stage. This didgeridoo was made out of a felled cottonwood branch found near his home.

Check out more clips and info on didgeridoo playing at

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michael Jackson Plays Didgeridoo For Jake Brown

When Michael Jackson was here during the summer of 2008 we filmed him teaching professional skateboarder Jake Brown how to play didgeridoo. This clip was from our behind the scenes footage as the MTV camera crews filmed Jake for a reality program.

Visit for Michael Jackson CDs and other didgeridoo music

Sunday, May 17, 2009

DidgeriDome - Didgeridoo Experience in Joshua Tree California - June 20th and 21st

June 20 and 21, 2009

Didgeridoo Experience
Joshua Tree, California

It's true... a weekend didge fest returns to Joshua Tree!

L.A.Outback welcomes you to a sonic experience that weaves the ancient sound of the didgeridoo with the wondrous "out of this world" vibrational acoustics of the Integratron. For those of you unfamiliar with the Integratron you're in for quite a surprise. This dome-shaped structure is the only all-wood acoustically perfect sound chamber in the U.S. And not only does it offer the most enthralling space for playing musical instruments, but the building has a history, mythos, and following in a class of its own.

Take a moment to visit the Integratron's website, and get your tickets early because this event will sell out quickly as it's limited to 200 people.

Join the gathering of beautiful folks, didgeridoo tones, flutes and drums for the summer solstice! Bring your didge, come for the healing, music and relaxation, and camp under the brilliant night sky.

Tyler Spencer's Primal Tones
Saturday night concert + Sunday 1 hour Workshop
Randy "Malibu Healer" Bruck
Didgeridoo healings inside the Integratron
The Integratron Sound Bath
Saturday & Sunday
Jam Sessions in the 'Tron!
Saturday & Sunday
LA Outback
Didgeridoos, Lessons, and Aboriginal Art
Fire performers Saturday night
Open mike Sunday on the outside stage

Where: Situated on 10 acres at 2477 Belfield Boulevard, Landers, CA 92285. There will be on-site camping, but several inns and motels in Joshua Tree are nearby as well.


Phone: 760-364-3126


Saturday & Sunday
with overnight camping $80
Saturday only 2pm-10pm $40
Sunday only 12noon-4pm $20

Monday, May 4, 2009

Isle of Wight DidgHeadRadio Festival: August 7th – 9th

Here's some information about a cool new didj fest for those of you across the pond.

The first Isle of Wight DidgHeadRadio Festival from August 7th –9th, 2009

If you are looking for a festival with a difference this summer then head to the Isle of Wight with Red Funnel for the DidgHeadRadio Festival from 7th –9th August. The quirky music festival is the first of its kind to be held on the Island and will showcase the best contemporary didgeridoo and acoustic music from the UK and abroad.

Set at Calbourne Water Mill in the picturesque countryside of the West Wight, the festival boasts an eclectic musical entertainment program. Over the weekend digi devotees can take part in a wide range of interactive workshops, from learning to play the didgeridoo, samba drum or jaw harp to throat singing and human beatboxing.

The festival is very family friendly with children encouraged to join in the musical fun. Guests also enjoy access to the Water Mill, one of the oldest in the country, where you can explore the grounds, row down the stream, have a go at croquet and petanque and witness the traditional milling process.

Tickets are available online at the Red Funnel
website and cost £47.50 for an adult weekend camping ticket and £17.50 for a day ticket, including all postage and admin fees.

Visit the official DidHeadRadio Festival site for more info!

For more information on didgeridoo festivals visit